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Regulate inheritance properly

If you can regulate your estate early on, you can give your loved ones the best security and avoid uncertainty. We’d be glad to advise you in all inheritance issues and try to implement your personal expectations.

With careful inheritance planning, you can pass your assets on as you desire. Swiss matrimonial property and inheritance laws offer great leeway, which you can use to your advantage with an individual estate planning according to your interests. We’ll advise you comprehensively and support you in setting up your will or a marriage and inheritance contract.

Execution of wills

To ensure your estate will be administered according to your wishes, you can commission us to manage the inheritance as an executor. We ensure that your last will is executed professionally and disputes among the heirs are avoided. As a point of contact for the heirs, we are obligated by law to administer the estate as a neutral person for the testator’s purposes.

Dividing the estate

The death of a loved one is an emotional burden fraught with responsibility for surviving family members. We’ll support you in all administrative and legal matters and can take on the job of dividing the estate.

A person can lose their power of judgment through an accident, illness, or increasing age. With an advance care directive, you can stipulate a trusted individual in advance who will take care of the necessary matters if this occurs. We’ll draft your advance care directive with you in consideration of your personal needs and all formal requirements.