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Optimise taxes

We would be glad to advise you independently and objectively, based on your individual situation, and enable you to plan for the long term.

Despite tax harmonisation and electronic resources, completing a tax return remains challenging. The risk of an error creeping in is great, but error tolerance by the authorities is small. Trust us to complete your tax return: you’ll gain valuable time, and you’ll benefit from all deductions being considered correctly and all optimisations being exhausted. We calculate your tax burden from the outset, and we check your assessment at the end.

Many aspects of your life affect your tax situation. The earlier you recognise them, the better you can plan. We’ll discuss your plans with you, show you the effect of special events, and determine your potential savings.

Property gains tax

When you buy property, you’ll usually owe a tax on profits. We’ll answer your questions on purchasing and selling properties and on trading and managing commercial real estate.

Inheritance and gift tax

In the event of an inheritance, a prepayment of inheritance, or a gift, cantonal regulations must be complied with. We’ll advise you in this regard and take care of the formalities for you.

Tax recovery on investment income is a complex and time-consuming procedure.
We’d be glad to take care of the entire refund process and advise you on the basics of currently applicable double taxation treaties.